In the press...

It has been so lovely to see Síne Vasquez Jewellery in the press since launching the website in June. There's no greater thrill as a maker than seeing a piece that you've crafted by hand in the pages of a publication, and reading the words of talented fashion journalists appreciating your work.

Here's a roundup of recent press and the pieces that featured...

Shortly after the website launched, the pillar bangle was featured by Marie Kelly ( in The Wren, The Heyday ( 's weekly edit of useful and beautiful things. Marie has a beautiful way with words and I loved her description of my work:

'...a wonderfully fresh and modern aesthetic with a cool industrial undertone'




In July, Annmarie O’Connor (@aocdotme) featured the Dwell bracelet in The Irish Examiner in her ‘How to wear it’ column, as part of her low-key luxe look for the denim skirt.

I love her phrase ‘handcrafted hardware’.  A perfect way to describe the chunky proportions of the Dwell collection which takes its inspiration from the beautiful masonry in our Georgian buildings, and the unique connection we have to our dwellings as they endure the passage of time.


In August I was delighted to be featured in The Irish Times Magazine in Deirdre McQuillan’s (@deirdremcquillan) August round up. Deirdre featured an image of the Hasi ruby bracelet.

Inspired by a trip to India with my sisters in 2019, the Hasi collection takes its inspiration from Indian architecture, and is named after a giggly little girl we met there who’s name means to laugh in Bengali, and summed up the warmth of the Indian people for me.


As we ease ourselves into September I was thrilled to see the pillar t-bar pendant putting the 'T' into Autumn in a beautiful Image magazine feature by Megan Burns (@megan_burns__). I love the imagery of the T-bar with its olive green diamonds hanging from the Olive green ‘T’.

A unique take on a classic, this handcrafted t-bar uses the pillar
to represent the strength we have within us even when we feel weak or overwhelmed.

Each of the featured pieces belong to a wider collection. Browse all four collections on the website

...And speaking of Autumn, as all my pieces are made to order they take 4-6 weeks to make. If you're thinking of gifting (or self gifting) something in time for Christmas, the last date for guaranteed availability is October 31st.