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Thank you for visiting my website. 

I’m Síne and I design and make everything you see here using traditional goldsmithing techniques. 

This journal section is a lovely way for me to write about various topics to do with making jewellery, give you an insight into how things are designed and made, and help you with anything you have questions about. I have a few topics in mind to start off but do let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, I’d love to hear from you!

I thought my first journal post would be a good place to introduce myself and why I spend my time at a jewellers bench. You can check out the about section for more info about me and my inspiration, but in short I am fascinated by our built heritage and the craftspeople of the past, their skill and attention to detail, and how their beautiful creations have endured over time, watching on as generations pass through their walls, climb on their metalwork, and hand down and repurpose their furniture. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques in making my pieces, to reflect the techniques of the past in making heirlooms for the future.

I really believe that craftsmanship is our one true modern luxury. I would much rather invest in something unique that has been handcrafted by a skilled craftsperson to last for generations than a mass produced ‘luxury’ trend. The provenance of the goods we buy is so important, so I always do my best to consider sustainability and quality in my materials and practices I’ll definitely be writing more about this soon!

Having worked for many years as a specialist cancer physiotherapist I’m so proud to be able to contribute a little bit to the lives of children with cancer in Tanzania by donating 10% of my profits to TLM Ireland, a childrens cancer charity in Tanzania set up by Irish Paediatric Oncologist Dr Trish Scanlan. Tanzania has long been a huge contributor to the jewellery industry through its gold and gemstone mines, so having seen the amazing work that Trish and her team are doing over there I feel this is the perfect way to give something back with each piece I make.

Apart from all that, I live in Dublin with my husband and 3 small kids. We speak only Spanish at home, but I’m a Dub born and bred. Although I lived abroad for 10 years in South America, England, Australia and Scotland. We all enjoy getting outside and anything to do with the open water (so we’re lucky we live on the coast).

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